5 Ways to Save a Holiday Bash Gone Bad

5 Ways to Save a Holiday Bash Gone Bad

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 17, 2010

Sometimes no matter how hard you plan for the best, something goes wrong. The meal might end poorly, guests might be grumpy or your favorite four legged friend could have puked all over your Grandmother — sometimes things just start to go downhill. Need a quick save, try one of these ideas!

1. Social or Console Games: If you ask people if they want to play a board game, chances are they'll gracefully decline. But if you bust out something a bit more social, say Catch Phrase, they'll hop in or be forced to do so because everyone else is. Wii games go over well as most people love to play or would like to be given the chance.

2. Soundtrack Matters: No one wants to listen to The Cure and talk about the Holidays. Ok, so maybe one or two songs is acceptable, but after that, the mood might start to go downhill. No matter how Genius your playlist thinks it is, sometimes it can use a little refreshing.

3. Change the Scenery: Although it's not a first resort, taking things outside to the patio, the front porch or even the rooftop can be enough to lighten the mood and give folks something else to focus on.

4. Did Someone Say Delivery?: A hot pizza or plate of pot stickers can drastically change grumpy guests who might still be in need of some munchies. If your town has cookie, cupcake or sweets delivery then even better!

5. Double Spike the Egg Nog: When all else fails, stiffen up the drinks, batten down the hatches and pray that a little extra alcohol will do the trick.

How do you take a party that's heading south and turn it around? Share your tips in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member *Zephyrance - don't wake me up. licensed for use by Creative Commons

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