5 Ways to Save Money When You Move

5 Ways to Save Money When You Move

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 16, 2011

Moving can seem like a ridiculous burden just in the labor of it all, but financially it can also push the limits of your pocketbook. All the little last minute things that come up seem to be a serious drain, even if it's just a few rolls of tape here and a snack there, it all adds up. Here's a few ways you can prepare ahead of time to save a buck or two.

1. Make Meals Ahead Of Time: Man can only live on peanut butter sandwiches and popcorn for so long before you start eating out. A few weeks before you move, sit down and make a few easily frozen items. A lasagna, pot pies, something along those lines that will leave you full and satisfied. Freeze them in individual portions so they're easy to reheat, since you know you won't be packing your microwave until the last minute!

2. Don't Buy Boxes: Start collecting boxes as early as a month in advance. Living with a few stacks of them in your space is far better than schilling out the big bucks to buy them new at the last minute. If you start collecting them early, there's a chance you'll also pack early, letting you know exactly how many boxes you'll really need!

3. Don't Buy Things For The New Place: It's easy to pick up an item here or there if you're not going to be moving it to your new place. Instead, wait and do all that shopping on one day so you don't have to pay to transport it before hand. It will also help keep you from buying silly things that you don't need or that might be a distraction from getting your packing done. (Like the one time I watched multiple seasons of LOST in attempts to procrastinate packing!)

4. Cleaning Products: It's easy to go overboard on cleaning products when you first move, albeit in or out of a space. For the most part, all your cleaning responsibilities can be tackled by baking soda, water, lemon juice and white vinegar. They're cheap, they're easy and if you clean before stuff is moved in or after everything is packed upon move out, it's a snap to give things a once over without paying for big name cleaners and all their packaging.

5. Friends or Movers, Not Both: Although friends helping you move is great, if you have more than a 2 bedroom apartment, chances are you just need to hire movers instead. It's easy to think friends can help (and they probably will), but it's also easy to say, "I'll get that later" when they're lending a hand. All that little stuff at the end means last minute trips that cost gas and time. Own up to movers and be ready when they show, or ensure things are packed for friends to get it all at once!

Do you have any tips on how to save some cash while going through the moving process? Share your learned wisdom in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member Jo Naylor licensed for use by Creative Commons

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