5 Ways to Simplify Traveling With Tech

5 Ways to Simplify Traveling With Tech

As someone who has jumped several frequent flier tiers since January, I've learned some tips that have helped me make this travel, almost all of which was international, be a bit less bumpy. Because of what I do and what I enjoy, I don't travel very light when it comes to tech. While this can mean more headaches, it doesn't have to, especially if you follow this advice.

5 Ways to Make Your Life Easier When You Travel With Tech:

1. Make Your Amenity Kit Do Double Duty: You know those amenity kit bags that airlines give out during long flights? These are a great size for keeping your smaller pieces of tech organized. Two of the lenses for my Sony NEX-5N fit in one bag and another bag holds the various travel adapters I need when going from the US to Europe and the UK. In the image above, the amenity kit bags pictured are from Qantas and Delta.

2. USB is Your Friend: Instead of having to carry various adapters to plug into the wall, why not just carry a small USB hub so that you can power them from your computer? Better yet, snag an adapter like the one pictured above that will charge four USB devices off of one wall outlet.

3. Save Packaging That's Helpful: Luggage space is always at a premium, so one's first instinct is generally to toss everything. I've learned though that certain pieces of packaging can make bringing home new purchases much safer or will help keep things organized. For example, I still retain the interior piece for my Bose QC 15 headphones, as it helps keep the cord wrangled and prevents small accessories from getting lost. Other useful tech bits that I've saved include the HTC velcro, which is great for wire management, sim card wallets for saving sim cards that are not currently in use in a phone, and USB drive boxes for storing coins from a country I'm not currently traveling in.

4. Downsize When it Makes Sense: A large part of what I do requires great photographs. For years I brought my Nikon D200 as well as several lenses along on every trip. I don't need to tell you that this camera is heavy as are the lenses and they add quite a bit of bulk. When the mirrorless 5N entered my life, I was in love. This camera captures images just as well as the giant Nikon and is a fraction of the size and weight. Bonus, with the adapter I can also use all of my Nikon lenses with it! Now, depending on what the shoot requires, I almost always bring the little Sony instead of the giant Nikon and am much happier for it. I have also downsized when it makes sense when it comes to my laptop and tablet. I only bring the MacBook Pro when it's needed and often travel with only the iPad when only light writing is required.

5. Bring the Right Bag: Being able to easily remove your laptop and/or tablet for security checks and to access during flight is critical if you're looking to make your travel smoother. Choosing the right bag to carry your tech in makes all of the difference. For a carry-on that's great for my tech (fits up to a 15" MacBook Pro) with a feminine look, I like my Lo & Sons OG pictured below. The material of the bag is strong and durable and the interior is just right for carrying my laptop, iPad, Kindle, camera and a few lenses.

What are your tech tips for when you travel?

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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