5 Ways to Stay Sane When Entertaining Overnight Guests in a Small Space

5 Ways to Stay Sane When Entertaining Overnight Guests in a Small Space

Adrienne Breaux
Nov 3, 2015

Taking the plunge and inviting guests to spend the night in your small space? Keep your sanity intact by sticking to these five rules of entertaining guests overnight in a small space.

1. Explain your rules

Perhaps even before you say "yes" to overnight guests, you should explore the sort of "rules" that would make entertaining overnight guests work for you. And you should double check with your guests to see if they work for them. Everything from respecting your early work wake up time to not being so loud that they wake the neighbors, it's more about making sure everyone is on the same page before their luggage hits your floor.

2. Schedule in alone time

If you are the kind of person who loves visiting with friends but needs space at the end of the night to unwind, make sure you schedule in plenty of alone time when you've got overnight guests in your small space. It could just be going for a run or even reading before bed, but it can be important so you're your most relaxed and best self around your guests.

3. Create physical boundaries

If you don't have a guest bedroom for your guests to use (and are instead making the living room a makeshift guest bedroom), use furniture or DIY dividers to create physical boundaries between their sleep area and yours. This will help bring a level of comfort to everyone.

4. Put things away in the morning

It'll take a little extra effort, but taking the time to put the air mattress up or re-fold the sleeping couch in the morning will reestablish your home as a home and not make it look like a dorm room all day long.

5. Make room for their stuff

Similarly, carving out space in your closet, drawers or some other furniture piece that your guests can use to stash their stuff will go a long way in making your small home less of a mess during their stay (and help everyone from tripping over luggage).

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