5 Ways To Store Your Silverware (Not In A Drawer)

updated May 7, 2019
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Although having a drawer designated for silverware seems like a standard thing in most households, it really isn’t. The more unique spaces we see coming into the market—converted warehouses, fire stations, churches —nothing is standard! Here are 5 ways to store your silverware, not in a drawer, just in case you feel like mixing it up a little.

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1. Vase or Glassware: Although they make specific crocks to hold cutlery, you can use any shape or size of glass vase or bowl even. Keep your day to day silverware out on display and stash the others away for when company comes if you’re worried about things looking too cluttered.

2. Metal Tool Box: Track down a metal tool box (new or used), something of this size and line the bottom of the drawers with felt or plastic liner for easy cleaning of dust and debris. The box can sit on your counter or under your kitchen island, waiting to spring into action.

3. Jewelry Box: When it comes to open shelving there are two schools of thought: you either let it all hang out or find create ways to keep things covered. If you fall into the latter category, try using a jewelry box with a drawer that slides out the front. It should even have sections inside in which to keep things separate.

4. Baskets: You can choose to stand silverware up in a basket or lay it down (allowing it to act like a drawer on a shelf or island). There are so many different options available in all different sizes, so you’re sure to find one that’s a perfect fit without wasting any extra space. We suggest starting at a Cost Plus World Market if there’s one near you.

5. Hanging Pocket Shoe Organizers: There really isn’t anything we can’t store in these organizational devices, but when your space is small and your countertop space is smaller, try hanging one on the back of the door. You’ll be able to store silverware, kitchen towels, spices, pastry tips… pretty much everything you need!

Do you store your silverware in an unusual manner? Let us know below!

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