5 Ways to Tell Your Story at Home

5 Ways to Tell Your Story at Home

Jennifer Hunter
Aug 25, 2014
(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)

Think about this: if someone you didn't know was left alone in your home, what impressions about you would they come away with? What story is your home telling them about your likes, your personality, about you? Want to adjust your story so it fits you even better? Here are 5 great ways to start.

1. Follow your gut — The trick here is to get out of your head. Don't listen to all that noise about what decor you "should" buy or display chez toi. Your gut knows what you truly love, so listen and don't waste your time with anything less. Are you a lively, animated color-lover? Cool! Get into that. Maybe you'd rather chill out with neutrals at home. We support you! Get in touch with your gut and trust yourself.

(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)

2. Display your DIY — Everyone loves an object with a story and no story is better than a flea market find-turned-DIY decor or a craft project you built from the bottom up. The beauty of DIY is that unique twist that only you can give a piece. It won't be perfect and that's the point!

3. Banish anonymous decor — There's no reason to buy bland, showroom decor when you have so many personal objects just screaming to be brought out and dusted off. Travel souvenirs, family antiques, heck, even childhood toys are totally display worthy.

(Image credit: Liana Hayles Newton)

4. Don't hide all your personal everyday items — Your home should not look like a hotel room. It's great if you're tidy, but decorating your bureau with a beautiful tray holding your hairbrush and perfume or your desk with your carefully-chosen office accessories will give away little hints about you, the person who lives there.

5. Deliver the details — You may think that broad decor decisions will be sufficient, but the truth is, it's the little details that really make a difference in communicating your particular brand of humor, or your quirky sense of style. Have a running joke with your husband? Display an unassuming knick-knack that only makes sense to the two of you. Collect something? Bust it out. The little details are what will stick in people's minds long after they've forgotten your perfect paint pick.

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