5 Ways To Use DIY Nesting Dolls

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, nesting dolls are just plain cute! The best part is, you can now design a set of your own. A perfect idea for gift giving and holiday times, click through to check out our 5 ideas on painting up a set!

You can pick up a set of Nesting Dolls for less than you might think. The set pictures above retails for only $12 at ReForm School Rules and we think it’s the perfect platform for a handmade holiday or gift giving adventure. They can be custom tailored to almost any situation and the painting on them doesn’t have to be as intricate as you always think of them being (thank you Russia). Here’s a few of our ideas on how to put them to good use:

Holiday Themed: It shouldn’t be too difficult to think of 5 different characters for each holiday, but some of our favorite ideas are Santa + Reindeer, Pilgrims + Indians + Turkey, A Family of Ghosts (which might require the least amount of painting)
Family Portrait: Even if you don’t have 5 members to your family, family pets could be included or grandparents or other relatives. Would make a great shower gift or present for a new mother.
Community Members: For the child who like to play with things they see each day, try painting up a fireman, policeman, mailman, garbage man and newspaper boy!
Fairy Tales: We don’t have to make the list on this one, we’re sure your head is already swimming with ideas of Goldilocks and the 3 bears plus their house, or maybe there are 3 little pigs, a big bad wolf and a house (painted 3 ways for each pig!).
Numbers: For the smallest ones on your household, a simple solid color with a bold number on it might be all that’s needed. A great way to learn to count and something that will always look fabulous in their space!

How would you decorate them? Share your ideas in the comments below!