5 Ways To Use Up Leftover Pieces Of Ribbon

5 Ways To Use Up Leftover Pieces Of Ribbon

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 8, 2010

I've been squirreling away ribbon from a young age. As soon as a present was unwrapped my mother would start twirling it around her fingers making a neat little loop that would hold its shape as it was tossed in the miscelaneous ribbon box to be used again later.

Although larger pieces are easy to reuse as wrapping, how do you put to use the shorter, smaller pieces that might otherwise be considered trash? Here are a few ideas!

1. Tie Around Glassware: The stems of some glassware can be quite tiny and short pieces of ribbon are a great way to make your party table appear extra festive (plus helping you keep track of which drink is yours). Cut thicker ribbon into less wide pieces if needs be.

2. Make A Chain: Most projects that need to be done with ribbon are usually done with the same type of ribbon in larger quantities. Instead, try whipping up a cute little chain that utilizes any shape, size or color of ribbon that comes your way!

3. Holiday Cards: Paper craft is usually a small enough scale that it's a great way to use up little pieces floating around your craft room. Don't be afraid to cut a ribbon down its length to make multiple skinnier pieces. 1 fat 3" wide piece of ribbon when cut into half inch strips gives you enough for 6 bows on holiday cards!

4. Ornaments: Although these little ornaments are made from one long continuous pieces of ribbon, there's no reason that each little loop can't be its own piece. Try trimming pieces to the same length to get an even circle, or leave them a little longer in some places to achieve more of a snowflake type look.

5. FIll 'er Up!: Layer super small ribbon scraps with additional ornaments or holiday greenery in a large vase. It's like a trifle that you can't eat, but festive none the less! They also make festive packing material when added to mailed packages throughout the year.

Do you have another idea to add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

(Image: Martha Stewart, Real Simple)

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