#51 - Carrie's Cozy Retreat

#51 - Carrie's Cozy Retreat

Heather Blaha
Oct 27, 2006

Name: Carrie
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Type: 2 bedroom rental

Why I use color: Color has been used for centuries to evoke passions and emotions in the minds of the human race. Whether it is the subtle blues and greens of an idyllic island lagoon or the vibrant yellow of a field of daffodils, there is nothing quite like the ability of color to affect our moods and change our outlooks. There is a great, satisfying feeling that you get when you enter a room bathed in a color you adore, and the sumptuous warm tones of my bedroom enfold my senses and soothe away the troubles of my day.

Because I decorate on a budget, I take inspiration from things I already own – in this case, I started with a set of velvet jewel toned pillows and the pumpkin-toned cover of my favorite book and went from there. It's been fun to adapt the color scheme to the changing seasons, lightening it with draped yellow/orange and aqua sarongs in the summer, warming it with amethyst curtains for the fall. Color has a huge influence on my life – I can't imagine living without it!!

2 good color tips:

1. If you are hesitant about jumping into the color pool, I suggest starting with tonals – layering three shades of green or mixing matte and gloss chocolate brown stripes. This way, you can make a more subdued statement while remaining innovative.

2. Remember that paint is just paint and it's easily changed – Rome wasn't built in a day and the color schemes that end up being the most satisfying and the most fun are the ones that are constantly evolving and challenging you to take that next step!

2 good color resources:

1. Nature – I know it sounds clichéd, but you never find yourself questioning the beauty of a pink and purple sunset or the flamboyant spray of a peacock's tale, do you? There's a reason! Take a look at your garden or take a trip to the zoo – you might be surprised by what inspires you!

2. Take a look at the eye shadow sets in the makeup aisle of your nearest drug store – these often have both subdued and bold palates whose colors work together, support each other, and look fabulous intermixed.

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