51,324 Legos Is Gonna Be Tough to Clean Up

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Guess what’s on display at Rockefeller Center in New York City throughout the month of April? If you guessed 51,324 Legos in the shape of the new camera-equipped Nintendo DSi, then you’re exactly right. It’s insanely well done and well worth going to see in person if you can. But we know Murphy’s Law and we’re just waiting for this one to take a tumble, leaving some poor cleanup crew to play a giant game of pick-up blocks.

The Lego sculpture was built by Sean Kenney and commissioned to be displayed at the Nintendo World Store and to coincide with yesterday’s release of the new Nintendo DSi.

You can see a little bit of time-lapse footage of the making of this 50,000-piece beast, as well as see a bunch of detail shots that show this sculpture really captures everything about the DSi, in the video below: