#54 - Siouxzi's Smooth Transition

#54 - Siouxzi's Smooth Transition

Janel Laban
Oct 28, 2006

Name: Siouxzi
Location: Chicago
Type: 2 bedroom apartment, rented

Why I use color: Color is such an important tool in design. It controls the emotion of a room. It allows me to overcome challenges such as renting, budget, and the merging of households. I can choose a theme for a room or an apartment but that theme can manifest itself in so many different ways simply because of the color palette used.

I like to use gray for a base, almost every room is painted a different shade of gray (or grays) and then use bold color to make a statement. It creates smooth transitions between rooms, it makes it easy to change a room to suit our mood, and since we rent, it won't be as hard to repaint.
But I don't leave color to just material or boldly painted walls, I use color lights too. Blue LED's and, yes, black lights set for up-lighting behind white drapes gives our living room a wonderful cool relaxing feel. Of course, it's also great for turning it into a club setting when I want to rock out or throw a party.

2 good color tips:

1. A bold design is a great way to tackle a big wall. It works even better when it pulls a color from another room. While painter's tape is handy, a painter's edge is critical to getting your lines clean and crisp.

2. Really look at your room from places you use. Where your seating is, where you stand when working in the room or even where you sit in a room adjacent. A good color choice and design really will carry through your entire home.

2 good color resources:

1. Your personal interpretation of an intangible thing, or even a tangible one can be a great starting point for choosing your theme and palette.

2. Everyone says "use your surroundings", but try stranger places and delve deeper. When something makes you look twice, explore the components that really make it what it is, examine how its different shades and tones made you look at it and see if you can make them work in your space.

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