#55 - Zeynep's Warm Cool Mix

#55 - Zeynep's Warm Cool Mix

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 30, 2006

Name: Zeynep
Location: Upper West Side, NYC
Type: Studio, rented but renovated by us.

Why I use color:

I use colour to define temperature in my tiny studio apartment. I decided to have warm colours for cold winters and cool colours for hot and humid summers of NY, so I went with chocolate brown, cafe au lait, and blue-green on the walls, brownish red for seating.

The previous renter painted the walls with bright yellow, which was very uncomfortable. The floor's varnish was gone long time ago, so I painted it with brown and varnished it. I feel the temperature in my apartment is just right now because I find the mental and visual balance that I wanted from colours.

2 Good color tips:

1. Put some of the colour you want on the wall in during the day, so you can see how natural light effects the colour in your space, and how adjacent colours changes during the day and affect each others.

2. Dark colours in small spaces have dramatic effect, and putting dark colours in width of a room makes the place look longer and more interesting.

2 good color resources:

1. Food in general, ice cream and fruits in particular.

2. The city you live in has impact on colours and mood; the weather, environment, people.

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