#57 - Kim's Bland Boring Cubicle Cure

#57 - Kim's Bland Boring Cubicle Cure

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 30, 2006

Name: Kim
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Type: 3 bedroom townhouse, owned

Why I use color:

I use color mainly because I can. This is our first home so I didn't have to worry about what the landlords would say. I work in a bland boring cubicle all day so I really wanted to come home to something exactly the opposite of my office. And the winters are soooooo long/cold/bleak here that I wanted to have something warm and bright inside to mask the horror outside.

I inherited alot of neat retro pieces when my grandmother passed so I thought a couple of walls needed some fun color to show them off. (And if your significant other doesn't know much about decorating, they'll agree with all your choices!)

2 Good color tips:

1. Scope out your belongings and see what you can work with. I have alot of black/white furniture so I figured I could get away with bright bold colors because my furniture would work well with it. Then if I get tired of any of these accent color walls, I can change them and all my furniture will still work. I just might have to switch up some of my accessories.

2. I think when using bright colors, a little can go a long way. It can get to be too much very easily. So I didn't do a whole room in a bright color. Only one wall of the loving room is green, a partial wall in the dining room is aqua and half my front hallway is orange. The rest is white for some calmness and contrast.

2 good color resources:

1. Paint swatches. I didn't really know what colors I wanted until I was looking at paint swatches at Home Depot and this fantastic aqua color caught my eye. I found a green and orange that were perfect with it and that was it.

2. Decorating mags and apartmenttherapy.com! An entry from last year's fall colors contest was my inspiration for alot of what my paint/decor decisions.

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