#60 - Munkey’s Zombie-proof Sleeping Quarters

#60 - Munkey’s Zombie-proof Sleeping Quarters

Oct 31, 2006

Name: Munkey
Location: San Francisco
Type: 2 bdrm (Vintage-Modern) Victorian Flat, Owned

Why I use color:

I use color instead of caffeine. Without color my environment tends to make me feel lethargic and lazy. I think there was a study done in the 50's that showed a direct correlation between too much beige and catatonia. Before I painted my walls orange all I wanted to do was sleep the entire day. This can become problematic, especially since I'm self employed and work out my home office. Great splashes of color keep me energized and motivated without the jitters. . .

. . .I'm a pretty hyper munkey boy by nature so I tend to pick colors with pizzazz. I like deep saturated colors that give the sense that you could almost chew on them. I want to people to walk in the room and immediately feel the effect of the color without wanting to run away screaming.

2 good color tips:

1. A great tip is to bounce your color palette off someone who you trust shares your sense of color. It's fun to have a second pair of eyes. I like contrast and colors that POP - too "matchy matchy" always feels a little pedestrian to me.

2. I'm lucky enough to live in a very colorful city. I enjoy walking through the different neighborhoods and being inspired by the eclectic color combinations people have used to paint the exteriors of their homes. Oftentimes these palettes translate into ideas for interior vignettes or spark an unexpected color pairing in my own home. So, keep your eyes peeled for new and interesting uses of color in everyday life. Sometimes even unintentional combinations – a discarded orange chair placed against the bold blue wall of a local Taqueria – can provide an intriguing surprise.

2 good color resources:

1. Collect paint color chips - lots and lots of paint chips. I can never find the exact color I want. So I start with the chips and a base color and then mix my own colors. I'm usually quite pleased with the results (but it sucks for touch up).

2. Vintage fabrics, especially vintage modern prints. I keep an eye out for unique vintage printed curtains on eBay. And old printed shirts and dresses at local thrift stores can provide a treasure trove of interesting color combination ideas - ones you probably won't see in the Pottery Barn catalogue!

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