#58 - Janell's Fun Unwind

#58 - Janell's Fun Unwind

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 31, 2006

Name: Janell M.
Location: Upper Marlboro, MD
Type: 2-bedroom/2 bath lofted condominium

Why I use color:

I use color because it is an incredible vehicle of expression and it works wonders in dictating my mood. After a hard day's work, it's great to come home and unwind in a room painted in a color which makes me feel happy, relaxed, excited or whatever it is that I want to feel at the moment.

Each room in my condo is painted a color that I adore and that makes me feel comfortable, and each room's decor illustrates a different aspect of my personality. It feels great to live in a space that is truly representative of me at my best.

2 Good color tips:

1. Choose colors from which you derive some sort of joy, peace or pleasantry. I strongly believe that color affects mood. Each color that I chose in my home positively affects my mood. For example, my bedroom is painted two shades of sage and is accented with taupes, bronzes and browns. Those colors remind me of tranquility and therefore cause me to feel peaceful and relaxed. So, each time I enter my room, I naturally feel at ease because of the room's earthy tones.

2. Choose one or two main colors for your room, but accent the room with patterns or prints of complementing colors. You may not have enough rooms in your home dedicate to ALL of your favorite colors, so accenting rooms with more of your favorites is a great way to ensure that none of your beautiful favorite colors are left out. And if you're having a hard time choosing a color for your room, get inspiration from something you plan to put in that room---a colorful rug or wall hanging, a vase, toss pillows, ANYTHING! You bought those accessories for a reason! Show them off!

2 good color resources:

1. It may sound strange, but one of my favorite color resources is my own closet. I always buy clothes that I absolutely adore in an array of colors. My dining room is painted turquoise because I LOVED a turquoise sweater that I bought a few years back. I knew then that something in my home was going to be teal or turquoise!

2. My other favorite color resource is my local home improvement store. The paint swatches there are arranged by color, so it really lays out tons of options all in one place. Plus you can take the sample cards home and see how they work with the lighting in your room, existing furnishings, etc. You can really have a blast in Home Depot or Lowe's!

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