6 Apps That Promote Productivity

6 Apps That Promote Productivity

Jason Rodway
Mar 21, 2012

Smartphones are many things: useful, intuitive, flexible, fun, and sometimes a deterrent for work. It's easier to check up on your Twitter feed than clean out your inbox, or play another round of Angry Birds than organize next week's calendar. Luckily, there are plenty of effective apps to help bring order to chaos...here are 6 clever solutions for busy bees on the go.


Left: Work+ - Right: My Writing Spot
Work+ Working in an environment slightly out of our comfort zone offers a certain focus, Work+ helps to find cafes for those who require a humble place to go with their laptops/tablets. Input data such as wifi, support for large groups, dog-friendly, pleasant ambience, radius and Work+ finds options near you. Reviews from such spots are available to look over based on how much work was achieved. Free

My Writing Spot
How many small pockets of time in the day come and go that could be spent working on that big writing project? My Writing Spot is a lightweight word processor that encourages the use of every moment of the day for writing. There is an autosave system that connects to the web app as well as word count, portrait/landscape mode and built-in Dictionary/Thesaurus. $3
Also available on Android - $3


Left: Locale - Right: Txt Message Away
Locale Sometimes the best way to get to work is to protect yourself from yourself. Locale is a location based app that changes your Android devices settings based on location. Wifi, wallpaper, alert and sound are just a few things that can be set to certain profiles when you're at work, en route, at a cafe or home. Each can be configured automatically or customized individually to create custom work conditions to avoid being disturbed. $4

Txt Message Away
One of the biggest distractions is social interaction. Txt Message Away cleverly blocks incoming texts and sends a custom text back to the sender to let them know you're busy so it doesn't look like they are being ignored. Settings are available to efficiently minimize the amount of SMS's being sent out for those who don't have text plans. $2

Windows Phone 7

Left: SuperTimer - Right: MagikMail
SuperTimer The Pomodoro Technique is a productivity method that utilizes the power of time management. By working for 25 minutes continuously and following up with a 5 minute break (each half hour being 1 'Pomodoro') you can cut straight to the chase and get some work done. When utilized hand in hand with the Pomodoro Technique, SuperTimers countdown timer function is a sleek tool to have. Other features this app offers are lap time and stopwatch. Free

Voicemail is old school but an effective way of contact whether it's for business or personal use. Anyone who has used Voicemail no doubt have memories of listening to each message, hitting the buttons and playing everything by ear. MagikMail takes away the mystery of the answering service and brings a visual interface to your smartphone voicemail inbox. Everything can be managed from deleting messages, recording a new greeting, playing a message in any order and best of all transcribed messages to read voicemails in text form. $2

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