6 Apps To Help Manage Battery Life

6 Apps To Help Manage Battery Life

Jason Rodway
Apr 4, 2012

When it comes to battery life in smartphones, there are many elements involved. Wallpaper, themes, networks, apps, Bluetooth and screen brightness are some of the main offenders that add up to a large chunk of energy consumption. Keeping your handset well maintained inside and out will increase its lifespan as well as the resale value. It goes without saying that continuous battery mismanagement can lead to a delapidated charge as time progresses. Here are 6 apps that will help your smartphone last all day and retain a longer charge.


Left: Battery Doctor Pro - Right: BatterySense by Philips
Battery Doctor Pro iOS users are given a healthy amount of battery life, but are unable to swap the battery themselves without breaking the warranty. Battery Doctor Pro delivers the means to maintain the juice in your idevice while discovering just what apps are draining it constantly. With full cycle charge (resyncing the battery to the hardware for better battery level feedback), charge logs, tips, and the helpful process monitor that shows how long which apps are running in the background that take up energy. The free version lacks the most helpful features but is still worth sampling. $1

BatterySense by Philips
One of Philips' own brand apps for iOS features a beautiful interface that simulates conditions on your idevice to see how much time before it blacks out. By taking into account settings like Bluetooth, 3G, wifi, location services, push notifications and brightness, BatterySense will generate how much talk, ebook reading, internet, audio or video playback, standby or game time you can get away with. Although it doesn't change any actual settings, it's definitely helpful to figure out the best route to protect against several hours of dead phone. Free


Left: Juice Defender - Right: Advanced Task Cleaner 2.0
Juice Defender Apps like Juice Defender would fit well in a starter's guide for first time Android users. We feel it's an essential tool that you'll have to use only once, after which it'll do its job vigilantly in the background. What Juice Defender does is automatically adjust settings such as enabling/disabling specific apps' connectivity, toggling wifi based on location, 2G/3G/4G and scaling the CPU when your handset is idle. It's fantastic for pro users as well, with full customization within an approachable interface. For the less tech savvy Juice Defender will do everything for you (all that's required is the download and setup). Variety of versions priced at Free/$2/$5

Advanced Task Cleaner 2.0
The less your phone is doing at any given moment, the longer the battery lasts. Take control and close any unnecessary apps with Advanced Task Cleaner. Not only will this save on energy, it will also boost performance. It ranges from being completely manual (closing apps off one by one at your discretion) to becoming fully automatic based on predetermined settings. The auto-kill feature closes apps from a user created list that is initiated either by activating the widget or flushing them out with a timed schedule. Free

Windows Phone 7

Left: Battery Discharger - Right: Toggle
Battery Discharger Charging your phone when there's quite a bit of life left is a big no no if you want to keep your battery's charge as much as possible. However if you're a bedside charger and have 40% life before turning in for the night, would you take the risk? Battery Discharger helps tackle that problem by using the hardware efficiently to drain the battery down to an optimal level. It also has a handy battery calibration feature to keep the battery time and percentage accurate for more efficient battery synchronization. Doing this once a month (or every 30 discharge cycles) will keep your handset in tune with itself. Free

Adjusting all the settings to save on energy can be a great pain (for those of us who aren't Android users). While we must deal with the feature set we're dealt, Toggle for WP7 makes things easier while utilizing one of the OS's most appealing features. Toggle creates shortcuts for Bluetooth, wifi, airplane mode or 3G as tiles on your home screen to make it quick and painless to deactivate power-sucking functions. Additional features include a user-employed reminder system telling you when to turn any of the aforementioned on or off. Free

(Images: Jason Rodway, screencaps from apps linked above)

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