6 DIY Laptop Repairs for Common Mishaps

6 DIY Laptop Repairs for Common Mishaps

Taryn Williford
Sep 14, 2009

As much as we'd like to think that our $2000+ laptop is going to last forever, the reality is that things break, tear and scratch. Good to know, though, that a lot of common repairs can be done on the cheap—and still look good, unlike permanent blue painter's tape on that shiny MacBook...

We spotted this list over at Computer World of "6 Easy Laptop Repairs."

Included are instructions of how to repair a:

  • Frayed charger cord
  • Cracked notebook case
  • Bad fan
  • Stuck key
  • Scratched screen
  • Waterlogged laptop

If you make your way over to the list, you'll discover how to repair a power cord with silicone sealant or fill in screen scratches with toothpaste. Who knew so many easy repairs with polished results could be had with household or hardware store materials and a crafty hand?

Via ComputerWorld

(Image: Flickr user mrphancy under license from Creative Commons.)

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