6 DIY Skills To Cultivate

6 DIY Skills To Cultivate

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Feb 3, 2010

We can think of a few skills offhand we know would be of tremendous use for someone wanting to be more self-sufficient in life: sewing, perhaps, or gardening, or canning at home. But for the slightly more adventurous DIY-er, there's always this hobby/skill recommendations list from New York Magazine:

In an ode to the resurgence of the Urban Woodsman ("Dresses like Bunyan, acts like Thoreau, works in marketing...the plaid-clad male archetype"), New York Magazine put together their own primer on the necessary skills plus classes for the serious self-sufficient man or woman:

  1. Butchering Not for vegetarians, obviously.
  2. Animal Tracking
  3. Ice Climbing
  4. Winter Camping
  5. Riflery

If you're in New York, you can check out classes for everything on this list. Read the whole article here.

What do you think about these recommendations? Would you do any of them?

On a related note, what skills would YOU recommend a person learn if they want to become more self-sufficient?

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(Image: 3rd Ward for New York Magazine)

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