6 Food Mistakes Parents Make

6 Food Mistakes Parents Make

Alejandra Valera
Oct 2, 2008

Try to recall some of the things you ate as a child. Do you remember those foods fondly, or are you clutching your stomach right now thinking, "I can't believe I ate that!" As someone who downed a Dolly Madison cherry pie (Charlie Brown was on it!) every day after school, we belong to the latter group.

In the New York Times article, "6 Food Mistakes Parents Make", by Tara Parker-Pope, what some children are eating and what they should be eating is examined....

While being the parent of a picky eater can at times worrying and other times downright maddening, Harriet Worobey, a childhood nutrition instructor states, "I think parents feel like it's their job to just make their children eat something...but it's really their job to serve a variety of healthy foods and get their children exposed to foods."

Unfortunately, with a picky eater many parents just give in to their child's diet demands. One little boy in the article lived on a diet which primarily consisted of chocolate, "...parents often give in, deciding that a bowl of Cocoa Puffs or a Pop-Tart, while not ideal, must be better than no food at all."

Parker-Pope writes that while fussiness is all par for the course in child development, there are six things parents --- who want to make their children more open to new food experiences --- should avoid:

  • Sending children out of the kitchen
  • Pressuring them to take a bite
  • Keeping 'good stuff' out of reach
  • Dieting in front of your children
  • Serving boring vegetables
  • Giving up too soon

Do you have any advice on how to make picky eaters more willing to try new foods?

To read the list in its completion, visit the New York Times' Web site.

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