6 Green Tips From Small Spaces To Use In Any Home

6 Green Tips From Small Spaces To Use In Any Home

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 2, 2010

Being green usually goes hand in hand with some of the same principles of small space living. Even if your space is larger than a postage stamp, many of these ideas apply just the same. Check out our 6 tips to help out big and small dwellings alike!

1. Condense & Consolidate: Getting rid of stuff is fabulous for anyone and although it's essential in smaller spaces, large spaces will benefit even more from this act.
2. Dual Use Pieces: Instead of buying more pieces to fill your home, find products that pull double duty. In our own kitchen we have a tall stool that doubles as a lamp holder. Seating and lighting in one!
3. Green Cleaners: Small spaces aren't awesome when filled with the chemical smells of commercial cleaners. Stay green and keep your tiny pad smelling fresh.
4. Add Plants: Small spaces are usually a little cramped feeling and more often than not, we're always trying to bring the outside in with plants. Larger homes need even more to help keep the air clean and fresh and are sometimes forgotten.
5. Smart Technology: Instead of having a years worth of magazines hanging around, things like ebooks and iPads are easier to store and easier on the environment. Smart lighting choices will not only help you green, but will also keep your bills down, small space or not, that's a great thing!
6. Reduce Consumer Waste: Buying things with little to no packaging means you don't have to take trash or clutter back out to the curb or recycling bin. Small spaces don't have room for all that extra waste and it's easy to start stashing or saving things for later use in larger homes, thus creating more stuff to deal with later.

Do you have a tip to add to the list? What green small space tricks do you use in your own home that you think friends and family with larger dwellings could benefit from?

(Images: A Collector's Tiny 178-Square-Foot Apartment )

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