Get Organized: 6 Home Inventory Apps

published Apr 18, 2012
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They say that knowing is half the battle. If you were asked to make a list of all the CDs you own, would you be able to do it? Having a home inventory is not only helpful for insurance purposes, it’s useful to maintain control over how much we own to avoid double purchases. The process of logging everything into a database also helps to reassess each and every item to sell or donate. Smartphones are perfect for the job, from reading barcodes to logging information. These 6 inventory apps are definitely ones you can count on.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Left: Nest Egg – Right: Home Library
Nest Egg Nest Egg is both satisfying to browse and easy to use. Enter product information by scanning the barcode, or take a picture and fill in the blanks. Intricate information like serial numbers and warranty can be recorded for quick access, with reminders for warranty expiration dates. Backing up and restoring your database is easy, and you can use AirPrint to make a physical copy.
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Home Library
Home Library has your back for paperback, CD, DVD and gaming libraries. Information is logged by simply scanning the barcode — details like title, author, artist and such are filled in automatically. Where Home Library shines is keeping track of media lent out to friends and family. When the lending grace period carries on a little too long you can gently remind them in-app. $1

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Left: Inventory Droid – Right: Personal Closet
Inventory Droid This highly efficient app built for Android adjusts to your needs with custom fields and units to fill in whatever blanks that may arise. Scanning barcodes fills in item information and provides a picture to make building your inventory a snap. Databases can be imported/exported in .csv format and e-mailed for extra convenience. For the generous at heart who believe what’s mine is yours, you can keep track of possessions that have been lent out.

Personal Closet
When it comes to itemizing your wardrobe, you need an app that makes browsing through clothes and accessories a snap. Personal Closet lets you take photos (from the camera or online) to create a visual inventory for your clothes. From this you can put together and prepare ensembles ahead of time on your handset or compare pieces while shopping. It’s like travelling with your wardrobe wherever you go. $2

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Left: HomeCloud – Right: My Media Inventory
HomeCloud Simple, clean and effective all come to mind when describing HomeCloud. Take photos of your possessions and organize them by category or room. There is also space for deep customization with category-specific details. Prices or serial numbers can be recorded for computers, TVs, appliances and such. The best feature is the SkyDrive backup for extra protection.

My Media Inventory
Entertainment is a huge part of our lives, so we feel it deserves an app of its own. My Media Inventory carries the same sentiments and keeps things easy without removing what’s important. Scan the UPC of your books, movies or music, download the title and cover image, and repeat until everything is logged in. Simple is best. Free