6 Ways To Hang Photos Without Using Nails

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I love walls full of photos and prints but my mood and address change too regularly to justify all those holes. That must be why I’m so enamoured with these new and old ideas for creating a picture wall that changes with your mood without compromising your walls. There are even some great creative reuse ideas in here.

1. Clothes Hangers I love this idea! I just have to set up my wall with holes hanger distance apart and I can change the images whenever I like. Just unclip and rehook!

2. Pegs + String This simple system only needs string and pegs. I like that you can add as few or as many pictures as you like.

3. Pegs + Wire Same concept as the string system but much tidier and stronger which means it can hold more pictures!

4. Clip Boards Genius! I have the clipboards ready to go.

5. Bulldog Clips + Ribbon So simple. Two holes and I get wall to wall picture hanging space.

6. Hooks This is a more intricate combination of most of these systems but it does look pretty sturdy. You can find the how to here.