Get Fashionable with a New DLSR Camera Strap

Get Fashionable with a New DLSR Camera Strap

Ambika Subramony
Aug 30, 2012

If you're like I am, you take your DLSR everywhere - to the beach, to parties, and just around town. Sometimes it's nice to dress things up a little. Whether its to match your outfit, or just to pack in a little more functionality, there are so many camera straps out there that are so much better than Nikon or Canon's kit strap.

The strap above from Bloom Theory, for instance, is designed to match even the fanciest outfit (any wedding photographers out there?). They've got loads more, if yellow isn't your favorite color. Or, if you want something a little more subdued, check out the following options.

This isn't technically a whole new strap, but The Lens Cap Strap Holder from Photojojo packs in plenty of functionality by providing a home for your loose lens cap. It's available in a number of lens diameters, so you can pick the three sizes you shoot with most often--so much better than storing your lens cap in your bag or pocket. It's only $15, and attaches to any strap--the one you already own, or any of the straps below. It's like getting a whole new strap!

The People Camera Strap adds a lot of style without a high price tag. This handmade strap is available on Etsy for only $25

This Border Stripe Canvas Strap by Roberu is just beautiful, and handmade in Japan. Orange or Lime, both are great colors for the last of your summer photo adventures. Unfortunately it isn't the cheapest strap on this list--at $198 you'll want to get this one for your finest device.

Photojojo's Zigzag Camera Strap is another fun strap for the summer, without the hefty pricetag of the Roberu. It even features detachable clasps, so you can remove your camera from its strap at a moment's notice.

If you can't bring yourself to buy a new strap, try this DIY project from Design Love Fest and make your own. Made with simple cotton webbing, a little masking tape, and 2 swivel hooks, the project only takes about 45 minutes and looks amazing. You can get totally creative with the design.

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