6 No-Fail Ways to Make a Boring Kitchen Stand WAY Out

6 No-Fail Ways to Make a Boring Kitchen Stand WAY Out

Adrienne Breaux
Feb 7, 2016

Stuck with a standard kitchen? The kind of boring room that doesn't exactly make you want to cook in it? You don't have to knock out the walls and rip out the appliances. There are six decorative ways you can make your simple kitchen stand out more and be the kind of inspiring space you want to hang out in.

1. Unusual furniture and accessories in the space

If you can't subtract things you don't like that are boring you about your kitchen, work on adding things into the space that will surprise the eyes and inject a dose of excitement. Using unusual furniture and accessories in the kitchen like rugs, lounge chairs, standing mirrors and more shocks the senses and will make your kitchen seem unique even if the cabinets aren't your dream cabinets.

2. Color on the cabinets

Color on the walls? Good but not amazing. Color on the ceiling? Even better. But color on the cabinets? Now we're talking! Kitchens that feature colored cabinets often stand way out, and you can give the whole room an update even if you can't rip them out and replace them. But don't feel sad if you can't paint because you rent; you can get creative with contact paper to upgrade your cabinet's hue.

3. A collection/multiples

Any room you dedicate space and energy toward displaying a collection of multiple objects will be a room with a big visual impact. Multiple objects of anything are just something that catches the eye. So if you have the room, display a set of colorful Pyrex, create a great wall art collage or display that collection of tea cups. Anything in number will stand out, even if the collection is practical stuff you use in the kitchen!

4. Bold backsplash

Bold backsplashes are one of the easiest ways to create a stand-out kitchen, even when you don't love much else in the space. You can install one if you just have bare wall, you can try painting the one you have, or you if you rent or are just looking for a temporary solution, you can try out a removable idea, too.

5. A super functioning space

Whether big or small, one of the most important elements to a kitchen is how it functions. So showing that function off — efficient shelves, handy hooks and other ways to display your kitchen's tools — aren't necessarily decorative by themselves, but together can create a really impressive appearance.

6. A lot of bright light

Natural light streaming through big windows would be great, so leave off window treatments and clean your windows to let as much light as possible in. And, if you've got even a little natural light, use mirrors and reflective surfaces to maximize it. But if you've got a dark little kitchen, add in your own lights to warm it up. Renters might not be able add hanging ceiling pendant lights, but don't be afraid to add countertop lamps or even experiment with string lights.

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