6 Quick Rental Fixes for the Bathroom

6 Quick Rental Fixes for the Bathroom

Eleanor Büsing
Jun 27, 2015

As renters, the bathroom is one of those rooms in the home that we often just deal with, as-is. It's not like your average renter is up for refinishing floors or replacing faucets (though if you are, props), but there are still quick, easy, and relatively cheap fixes you can make in your rental bathroom to create a more functional and beautiful space. Read on for six of my favorites...

Replace the shower head.
Chances are, your rental shower head comes complete with years' worth of limescale and the resulting half-hearted drizzle. Replacing the shower head is an easy fix and decent ones can be found for a song virtually anywhere online. You may not get your dreamed-for rain head shower experience yet, but you can have a better morning wake-up in the meantime. Just stash the old one in a closet somewhere and swap back before you leave (or be nice and leave the new one, your call).

While you're at it, replace the shower curtain.
There's nothing as sad to look at as a stained, limp shower curtain well past its use-by date. A fresh one, whether in a bold pattern or pristine white, can make all the difference. The same goes for new towels and bathmats — textiles work wonders for making a space feel extra-luxe.

Add shower storage.
Rental showers almost never have enough storage, so you end up keeping all your shampoo bottles around the edges of the tub where they sit in water and encourage mildew. Yuck. Investing in some attractive storage solutions — whether a tension rod for hanging, suction-mounted shower caddies, or an over-the-shower-head number — solves this problem and makes your shower feel larger and cleaner.

Add storage everywhere.
Moving out of the shower, storage can be added elsewhere in the form of small pieces of furniture. From a slim set of drawers beside the sink to wall-mounted shelves over the toilet or hooks behind the door, eke out storage wherever you can. Versatile pieces like trolleys and storage stools can be re-purposed in other rooms when you move on.

(Image credit: Two Delighted)

Spruce up the existing vanity.
Maybe you've got enough storage, but it's just ugly as. Wooden vanities can be given a fresh lick of paint with the landlord's approval, or even easier, consider simply updating the knobs. You'll add a touch of your own style and it will be super simple to switch back down the line.

Look at the lighting.
Why are rental bathroom lights so ugly? Seriously, why? Sometimes those hideous fixtures can easily be swapped out for something fresher, so have a look at yours. If it's an electrician-only job you might want to reconsider for a rental, but if it's a case of changing a shade or even just choosing more flattering bulbs, do it now and reap the rewards for the remainder of your lease.

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