6 Simple Secrets to Dealing With a Small Living Room

published Jul 17, 2015
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Living in a small living room, like living in a small home, is a delicate balance of aesthetics and sacrifice. Your living room is often the central hub of your home, and so should have special attention paid to it, particularly if it’s on the small side.

1. Add a collage of mirrors

Instead of (or in addition to) a wall collage of art, use mirrors to expand the space, reflect light and make the space feel livelier. → 10 Ways To Use Mirrors To Make Your Space Look Larger.

2. Go for leggy furniture

Leggy furniture — furniture that doesn’t sit flat and low on the floor — makes a room feel airier. Maybe even a little bigger. It can be the difference between a comfortable living room and a claustrophobic one. → Take the Weight Off: 5 DIY Tricks to Make a Heavy Furniture Piece Look Lighter.

(Image credit: Submitted by Hannah)

3. Make your coffee table pull double duty

Whether you choose one that’s upholstered so you can use it as extra seating, or you find a coffee table that offers up extra storage for your space, it doesn’t make sense to put a big piece of furniture in the center of a small living room and not get extra function out of it.

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4. Replace a side table with a tall shelf

If you find yourself in a corner situation where you might naturally put a side table next to a chair or sofa and between a wall, why not replace that side table with a tall shelf that offers up more storage space and style?

(Image credit: Liana Hayles Newton)

5. Wall-mount lighting (and more)

It might not seem like the base of a table or floor lamp takes up all that much space, but believe us when we say every inch counts. Wall mount your lights to save space. And then think about what else you might be able to wall mount, too.

6. Emphasize the coziness

Hey, when all else fails, really emphasize the cozy aspect of your small living room, from choosing extra-plush furniture to filling the space with throw pillows, sumptuous textures and more. → Cozification: 7 Steps to Your Coziest Home Yet.