6 Things To Do This Weekend

6 Things To Do This Weekend

Laure Joliet
Nov 20, 2008

Maybe you're hosting Thanksgiving at your place for the 100th time, maybe it's your first time, or maybe you're going out of town or to someone else's house to celebrate. No matter. There are things you can do this weekend that will make the coming holiday week (almost) stress free and fun. Most people will have a 4 day weekend so invest now to be prepared and relaxed for next thursday and beyond:

We'll let the kitchn handle the food part of this, what we're interested in is creating a great comfortable home to invite people into, or to come back to after a trip. It doesn't have to be perfect--you don't want to wear yourself out before the week even begins, so just choose some areas to focus on and get it done this weekend!

Le Swap: This Saturday Morning ATLA is hosting a little swap in culver city to help motivate you to make some space before the holidays. Take it as an opportunity to finish cleaning out the closet, that junk drawer or finally get the box of donation stuff out of the house! We'll kick off the holiday season meeting up, sharing stories and eating some yummy treats.

Deep Clean the Bathroom: If you're hosting Thanksgiving then everyone will at one point or another use your bathroom. Consider how it feels to be a guest in our own bathroom. So, do the big stuff like clean the counters off and mop the floor, wash the towels and the mirrors. Maybe you stay on top of it (do you swish and swipe?) and don't need to do a massive overhaul, but you can take 5 minutes to clean out your medicine cabinet and the bottles in your shower. You want the bathroom to feel like an oasis of calm and clean whether for you or your guests. Add a candle, it's always nicer for guests not to have to turn on the blaring overhead fixture.

Vacuum/Mop: If you take care of a big vacuuming or mopping this weekend then you'll only (maybe) have to do a touch up right before people come over. Not having this hanging over your head as Thursday approaches is worth it (trust us).

Decide on and gather your decorations: We rounded up 10 cheap and easy ways to decorate the table. So this weekend decide on one and gather your supplies. Remember that this is the fun part!

Make Space for Coats and Shoes: Clear off the bed, make space in the coat closet, whatever, just be prepared for people and their stuff! If you ask people to take off their shoes, make sure you have the space for all of them!

Music: Pick out your playlist. Do you already have a soundtrack for your home? Use that or have fun putting something else together. Most importantly, don't make it a chore! You can delegate and ask the boyfriend, the friend, the son, the aunt, etc to put something together. Music will set the tone of the fun evening you have planned!

What do you plan to take care of this weekend?

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