6 Things You Can Throw Out Of Your Kid’s Room Right Now

updated May 3, 2019
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Ever open the door of your kid’s room and think: oh my, there is just too much stuff in here? Well today—seriously, today—let’s throw some of that junk away.

Here’s where to start:

1. Recycle papers from school. Not everything is a masterpiece. Not everything will even be noticed if it is gone. Kids bring home reams upon reams of paper from school. Fight back. Recycle.

2. Throw out broken crayons. No kid draws with broken crayons. It’s hard enough to draw with regular crayons! And that pipe dream of melting them down to make party favors like you saw on Pinterest? Admit it—it’s hard enough just to clean the house before a birthday party let alone make room for that kind of madness.

3. Throw all the odd socks into the rag bag. Just give up hope now that their mates will turn up like some Luke Skywalker atop a distant island. That kind of stuff only happens in the movies. And throw socks that are too small in there too you’re at it.

4. Do the same for every item of clothing that is stained. You’re embarrassed to see them on your kids, and no one wants them as hand-me-downs, so into the rag bag they go.

5. Throw out books that are falling apart to the point they can no longer be repaired. It’s okay. Your bibliophile self understands. If said books are so beloved and actually still missed a month from now, you can always get a new copy. Or better yet—borrow it from the library.

6. Put the plush toy that never gets played with into the outbox for donation. You know the one: that bunny your kids were given in their Easter baskets by your neighbors? It’s not cuddled at bedtime, it has no name, yet you keep having to pick it up off the floor for some reason. Today’s the day for bunny to be gone! Feels good, doesn’t it?