6 Tips for Planning a Perfect Trip Using Evernote

6 Tips for Planning a Perfect Trip Using Evernote

Laura E. Hall
Jul 29, 2011

Evernote recently shared some tips on their blog on how to use their program to plan a trip. We love using Evernote to stay organized and frequently use it to get our vacation info together, so check out their tips and our own recommendations below.

1. Gathering Ideas
First, set up a notebook - this will be the holding place for all of your travel-related notes. You can share it with friends and family, and if you're an Evernote subscriber, others can edit it too.

Then, install the Evernote clipper. You'll use this as you browse around the internet to gather ideas for ways to travel, places to eat, and things to do and see.

2. Staying Organized
Any time you add something to your Evernote notebook, be sure to tag it. If it helps, plan out the tags you'll use in advance; you can write "tentative" or "must do", "sights", "restaurants", "flights", by city, etc. Staying organized from the very beginning will help make the entire process smoother.

You can also create a single note for each day of the trip, so that as you go along you can organize your information into each one, or use a tag like "Day 1" or "07/28/11" when dealing with multiple notes.

3. Collecting Information
When you're out and about, snap photos of things like travel books, then email them straight to your Evernote notebook for sorting later. Evernote's blog also suggests maintaining your flight options through the app, so that you never have to dig through your email to find the latest info.

4. Making Checklists
It's easy to create a checklist in Evernote - you can use it for everything from the trip planning itself (1. Research flights, 2. Book hotel, 3. Reserve rental car) to making a packing list for the things you'd like to bring. Check out our travel essentials checklist for some suggestions on what tech gear to bring along; we also like to make a list of which cords and chargers we're going to have to haul around so that we aren't scrambling to buy one once we arrive at our destination.

5. Backups and Contingencies
Evernote's blog suggests taking photos of your immunization cards and medical information so that it's easy to access should the need arise. If you're careful, you can also store all of your vital info in one place - passport number, hotel phone number, etc. - if you're sure to delete the sensitive data after you're back home.

6. Making Memories
While you're on the road or abroad, why not use Evernote as a data repository? Snap photos of restaurant signs or menus and email it in, and you'll never forget where you had that perfect gnocci or crème brûlée.

What steps do you go through when you're planning a trip? How would you use Evernote to do it? Share your tips in the comments below.

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