There Are 6 Types of Smart Shoppers—Which One Are You?

published Dec 12, 2018
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While I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love a good bargain, the truth is that savvy shoppers come in all sorts of varieties when it comes to coupon clipping and deal sifting. Some of us are dedicated to dig until we find that perfect deal, while others think a 10-percent-off coupon in the mail is good enough for the bottom dollar. These differences are enlightening, inspiring, and sometimes downright funny, but no matter which category you subscribe to one thing stays the same: Everyone loves to save some money.

Let’s take a look at some of the savvy shopper types below, and see if you fall into any of the categories. If we’re missing one, share what kind of deal hunter you are below!

1. Thrifty Sifters

An overstuffed clearance rack or avalanched sales aisle doesn’t make your palms break out in sweat. On the contrary my friend, you live for that kind of challenge. You love to roll up your sleeves and pick your way through the chipped vases on home decor sales shelves and musky fake flowers on thrift store tables until you find that diamond in the rough. The hunt is just as fun as the purchase for you.

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2. Coupon Queens

The thought of you walking into a store without a coupon would be hilarious if it wasn’t so absurd. You will duck into an aisle and sign up last second to a newsletter to get that 15 percent off if you have to, and your email is filled with deal alerts and flash-sale announcements. You have never paid for shipping in your life, and you will happily wait to buy an item until a proper discount code or deal comes through. Some might call you stubborn, but really you’re just savvy.

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3. Hereditary Deal Chasers

You learned the art of couponing from your parents, and though you scoffed at their commitment to cheapness when you were a teen, the baton has now been passed down to you—and that’s whether you like it or not. How many times have you wanted to buy that coffee table or wall sconce full price, but your inner thrift just wouldn’t let you go through with it? Never paying retail is in your blood now.

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4. Season Chasers

You only shop during the wrong season, meaning you pick up your winter deals during the beginning of summer, and scoop up your summer finds during the beginning of fall. It might not be satisfying shopping trends that have lost their hype or are now made less-shiny with their 75 percent off red clearance sticker, but when you can get your holiday decorations or seasonal must-haves for only a few bucks, why wouldn’t you do it?

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5. Celebratory Deal Sniffer

You bargain hunt not because you’re good at it (which you are), but because you live for that moment you get to say, “Oh that credenza? Yea, it used to be $1,400 but I snapped it up for $200.” Or, “Feel this blanket. Used to be $140 at Pottery Barn. I got it for five bucks, can you even?” That massive markdown is your white whale, and who doesn’t love to hear a good triumph story?

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6. The Midas-Touch Shopper

You don’t know how you do it. You don’t even try. You never look for coupons, you aren’t signed up for any sale alerts, and you don’t clear space on your weekends to go bargain hunting, but somehow, without fail, you always get an incredible deal. You just walk down the aisle and happen to find a cast iron skillet for $11, or pop into a thrift store and walk out with a brand new crock pot for three bucks. You’re just lucky like that.