6 Uses for Wallpaper Not Including Hanging It on the Wall

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been blogging a lot of wallpaper lately. It’s a great way to add sparkle to a room. After the job’s done though, we’re left with the scraps. Of course, we keep some of them to use as patch but we thought, why not put it to work? We’d also consider buying a roll of some of our favorites just to use around the house…

  • Book covers: Think of it as grade school redux. Take a rectangle, fold in the top and bottoms and slip the book’s cover into the channels.
  • Line a drawer or the back of a shelf: Of course there are scented wallpapers made expressly for this purpose, but we’d prefer to use wallpaper of our own choosing, with a bar of soap or a used dryer sheet providing the scent.
  • Cover the outside of a dresser: Transform a plain-Jane dresser into something beautiful. If you don’t have enough paper to cover an entire piece of furniture, try papering just the sides, the front, or a single panel.
  • Frame it: Many contemporary wallpapers can double as art; for a glowing example, check out how one of our last house tour participants used decorative papers to frame her photos/images.
  • Hang it, Asian-style: Hang a long length of wallpaper over a rod, thread the rod with a piece of ribbon and hang it.
  • Cover a can or box: use it for pencils, utensils or odds and ends. A layer of polyurethane will make it durable.


[image: thecollection]