6 Ways To Take Better Vacation Photos

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s nothing more depressing than arriving home after a family vacation only to discover the photos you took weren’t all you thought they were going to be. Try out these few tips to see there’s room for improvement in your photo skill set!

Laura over at Chicken Counting has been on vacation for the last few days and has been kind enough to share some of her ideas on taking better vacation photos. When we shoot around the home it’s easy enough to just wait until you get the right shot and make our kids pose and repose, but when you’re on the go there’s a few tips to keep in mind to score the shot you want, when you want it. Here’s 3 of our favorites, head over to Chicken Counting to read the full list!

• Record The Details: It’s all too easy to have every photo you take star your children. Try recording the things around you to develop a more potent memory of your travels later on — kid free!
• Pay Attention To Lighting: Many photos are full of squinty eyes staring at the sun, so make sure to remember your camera when you head out in lower light situations. Sun up, sun down or somewhere that might be a little shady, they’ll be the best photos you take the entire trip!
• Do Something With Them: With the digital age it’s easy to end up with several thousand photos from your last vacation, try printing them out or sharing them with friends and family so they don’t stay hidden on your hard drive forever!