6 Ways Your Home Can Help You Pursue Your Passions

6 Ways Your Home Can Help You Pursue Your Passions

Adrienne Breaux
Oct 18, 2014
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Whatever your passion in life is — scuba diving, home decorating, anthropology or something else — there are certain steps you can do to make finding and following your passions more attainable. Things that will give you more time for your hobbies and interests, as well as make sure that you have the energy to enjoy them! And you know what? We think there are a few key ways your home can help you in your passionate pursuits.

So how can your home make you better at cross-country skiing or meditation? And why look to your home if you're having trouble following or finding your passions? Well, because (as we all know) home plays a huge part in how we feel and act. And if you want to make more room for passions in your life, you might consider beefing up your work on one of these key home areas. Your home can...

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1. Help you get a better night's sleep
Having the energy to tackle not just your day job but have enough energy to also work on your side passions and goals means making sure you get plenty of sleep. Where to start getting more rest? At home, in your bedroom. It seems the news breaking every day is that on average folks don't get enough sleep (and the sleep they are getting just isn't really cutting it). So start here and look at those sleeping habits again, even if you've been taking our advice and adjusting things. Check in. What's working for you? What's not? If you've made changes, did those help or hurt? Keep going back to this part of your life and home — it's a vital one!

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2. Be your retreat from a hectic world
Life is hectic, busy and stress-inducing. But your home can bring you back to center, and be the place that relaxes your mind long enough to recharge so you've got the mental energy to attack your goals and enjoy your passions. It can the place you really focus on your living in the present-ness. Have you made sure there's a least one spot in your home where you can truly and really properly relax?

3. Make you more creative
Creatively can certain be elusive — and its triggers are different for every person. But like sleeping, seeing how your home can spark your creativity is always a worthy way to invest time in. Take advice you find on Apartment Therapy and other places and keep trying it out. If you haven't found that thing that sparks your creativity yet — lots of bright natural light, fresh flowers, and bold wall color — keep looking. Even if you don't consider your particular passion to be "creative," spoiler alert, it is, no matter what it is. And it'll benefit from you feeling your most creative and inspired at home.

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4. Help you budget and save money for your passion
Our homes tend to be where the bulk of our money goes, so why not frequently comb through your budget on a regular basis to see where money can be saved — saved for things more fun like working on our passions?

5. Help you master habits (so you can master the habits that will get you closer to your goals)
Practicing habits of any kind flex and strengthen the habit-building muscle, making it easier to dedicate yourself to goals. So trying to master habits around the house — even if they don't directly relate to your exact passions — can still be helpful and push you in the right direction of making and keeping time to dedicate to pursuing your passions (also particularly helpful if your passion will require a lot of practice).

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6. Help you minimize distractions
Full confession — if I didn't put limits on my TV viewing habits like I'm my own kid, I'd literally fill all of my time catching up on shows. All of it. Like that Portlandia sketch where the couple ruins their lives by staying up days in a row binge-watching an entire television series. Whatever your biggest distraction, your home can help minimize it. You don't have to get rid of your TV, for instance, but maybe it can be moved so it's not the focal point of a room? Perhaps you can tuck the video games away and keep your hobby supplies a bit more on display? Consider it!

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