#60 - Joe and Randy's Inexpensive Spice

#60 - Joe and Randy's Inexpensive Spice

Janel Laban
Oct 30, 2006

Name: Joe and Randy
Location: Chicago
Type: 2 bedroom condo, owned

Why we use color: We didn't have a lot of extra cash to buy new furniture and decorations when we moved into our new home. However, we wanted to do something in the first few months that would really spice the place up. The relatively inexpensive answer was colorful paint. We came up with creative ideas for every room, bought the colors we liked, and then rolled up our sleeves and did all the grunt work. In the end it really paid off. We get good feedback on our painting, and our colorful home is always a fun and pleasant place to return to.

2 good color tips:

1. One approach that generally works is to use multiple shades of the same color. This allows you to offer a nice variety of tones, without overdoing it with too many different colors. We used this basic idea for every room in our home.
2. What works for one individual and their unique space might not work for someone else. Think about what kind of colors you want around you everyday. Pay attention to your home's layout and be clever about the way you structure color around it.

2 good color resources:

1. Printed catalogs from your favorite home furnishing stores are truly a great resource. These catalogs offer pages of nice photography with a variety of home layouts and color schemes. Of course, most people don't have homes that look like the pictures in the catalogs. However, it's a good way to get thinking about color ideas.
2. A basic computer graphics editing program can be very helpful.
Create a blank page, and start by adding several large shapes. Try different color combinations to see what you like together. This makes it quick and easy to experiment. If you're doing creative painting, go even further and do a mockup of your walls in the graphics editor. We did this to plan out the more complicated walls in our home.

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