5 Awesome Projects from Maker Faire

5 Awesome Projects from Maker Faire

Joelle Alcaidinho
Sep 28, 2010

This past weekend we had the opportunity to check out the World Maker Faire in New York. While we were there we ogled the death defying Jet Ponies, soldering some circuits, and basked in all that is DIY. A gathering filled with awesome projects, hacks and all sort of DIY fun, it was difficult to pick only 5 projects for this roundup.

  • Nixie Sudoku: Quite possible the most amazing game of sudoku we have ever seen. This device created by John Sarik of Trashbear Labs is made up of 81 nixie tubes controlled by Arduino. Nine digital outputs control three banks of shift registers, five digital I/Os get information from the keypad, and two analog inputs get information from potentiometer knobs.
  • Gamer Guitar: Built by Randy Sarafan out of a Nintendo NES this project is one of the 62 projects to make with a dead computer from the book of the same name. If half of the other projects are as neat as this then this book is definitely worth picking up.

  • Xbox 360 Laptop: At the Element14 booth we spotted Ben Heck modding this Xbox 360. He's been modding this laptop on his show, "The Ben Heck Show," which is a bi-weekly internet series in which he modifies and builds community suggested projects. We admit to being more than a little impressed by his fold-able workbench/ tool kit that he built himself that holds a variety of tools, power outlets, and parts and folds up neatly into a small square box when not in use. This workbench/tool kit would be perfect for small space dwellers and we hope he releases the plans soon.

  • Egg-Bot: Originally designed in 1990 by Bruce Shapiro, this open-source art robot can draw on spherical or egg-shaped objects from the size of a ping pong ball size to that of a small grapefruit-- roughly 1.25 to 4.25 inches in diameter (4 - 10 cm). Super adjustable; designed to draw on all kinds of things that are normally "impossible" to print on. Not just eggs but golf balls, light bulbs, mini pumpkins, and even things like wine glasses. Shapiro and co teamed up with Windell Oskay and Lenore Edman of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories to introduce the new Egg-Bot 2.0 kit which is what we saw in motion at the Faire.
  • MakerBot Thing-O-Matic: With a name like Thing-O-Matic how can you go wrong? This kit when assembled makes a very neat affordable open-source 3D printer. The Thing-O-Matic prints with ABS plastic and can make pretty much anything up to 4" x 4" x 6."

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(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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