7 Creative Ideas for a Fun Date Night at Home

7 Creative Ideas for a Fun Date Night at Home

Taryn Williford
Sep 10, 2015

If you want to be a homebody, be a homebody! You can still have tons of fun staying in with your significant other, especially if you're armed with this list of 7 fun at-home date night ideas. Get your beer-drinking, hyper-competitive, top-of-your-lungs-singing self ready to...

Watch a Movie and Google a Drinking Game

Movie night at home is a classic date night for a reason. Pep it up by finding a flick with it's own drinking game. Drinking Cinema is a website database of movie drinking games that should prove to be helpful here (it also tells you where each film is available to stream). Or go for a game that applies to any movie, like the Santa hat drinking game.

Sing YouTube Karaoke (yes, it's a thing)

Head over to YouTube and search "karaoke" to find videos that play instrumental versions of your favorite songs and display the lyrics right along on the screen, just like at your favorite karaoke bar. This works extra well if you have Apple TV, a game console, or something that can play videos from your phone to the TV.

Learn to Cook a New Meal Together

Depending on your skills in the kitchen, this could be something simple (like spaghetti) or something a bit more challenging (like rolling your own sushi).

Take the Chopped Challenge

Just like the Food Network show. Ask a friend, family member or very friendly grocery stock boy to fill two paper bags with very weird assortments of ingredients. Use those, plus the rest of the food in your pantry, to create new and unusual dishes for each other. One of you can do an appetizer and dessert while the other prepares the main course.

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Create Your Own Beer Tasting

Find a grocery or liquor store that'll let you mix and match six-packs from their craft brew selection and them set up blind beer-tasting flights in tall shot glasses for each other. Take notes and compare your favorites. Here's a little beer tasting party inspiration from the Cooking Channel.

Pick Out and Play a New Board Game

Go for something outside of your comfort zone. My husband and I have recently gotten into euro-style games, which are way more fun and way more interesting than the old guard games like Monopoly. Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne and Suburbia are our favorites right now.

(Image credit: Taryn Williford)

Play One-Night Fantasy Football (or any other event)

In Fantasy Football, you create a roster of professional players from all the different teams in the league, then add up all their individual scores and achievements to give yourself a team score, which you then pit against your opponent's team score for the week. You can do this as a duo – just for one night – by picking a short roster (5 players) from whatever two teams are playing that night. Add it up whenever your players score touchdowns or field goals.

This same one-night fantasy game can apply to any other sport or event: Award home runs to a baseball player, or victory points to celebrities who win categories at awards shows (I make a Fantasy Oscars game every year for my Oscar party).

What's your favorite at-home date night idea?

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