7 Easy Ways an Average Person Can Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel

7 Easy Ways an Average Person Can Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel

Dabney Frake
Apr 12, 2015
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Don't have a huge budget for a kitchen remodel? You don't need to be a DIY ninja to keep costs down, spending nights watching YouTube videos on how to install plumbing in your bathroom. What you can afford is to pitch in when possible, and do easy tasks and projects that will shave money off your remodel bit by bit. So go ahead and get the professional help you need, and do these seven simple things to save money.

We'll assume that since you are on a budget, you are not, say, a high-powered attorney who works long hours and bills at $500 for each one of them. If you were, it probably wouldn't make sense for you to do some of these things, when you could be off earning the big bucks and paying someone much less to them for you. For the purpose of this post, let's say you have more time than money.

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1. Do Your Own Demo

Tearing out the existing cabinets and other demolition is relatively easy and can save you the cost of a carpenter for a few days —as long as you know what you are doing and don’t take out a load-bearing wall or saw through electrical wiring.
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2. Become an Assembly Line

You don’t need to pay someone else to do what you are perfectly capable of, like putting together cabinets. This is true especially if you are going the IKEA route, where it's just a matter of following their illustrated instructions. It might not be the least-frustrating way to spend an afternoon, but it's still do-able. Then you can leave the installation to the professionals.
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3. Choose Store-Bought Space Savers

You can pay through the nose to customize your kitchen cabinets to include special features like roll-out trays, Lazy Susans, and extra shelves, which can also add significantly to the price tag. Or, you can install them yourself later using after-market products from regular hardware stores. Or, DIY whatever smart solutions you might come up with on your own.
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4. Make Your Own Lighting

Simple lighting is incredibly easy and also safe to DIY, even if you aren't an electrician. It also takes no time at all. There are tons of lighting projects on the web that look really beautiful and high-end, without the price tag to match.
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5. Simplify Your Backsplash

Tile backsplashes are expensive because of the labor involved, above and beyond the cost of decorative tiles. You can choose to do the tiling job yourself, or you can create a modern look with basic sheet materials that are cheaper and simpler to install.
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6. Don't Delegate The Easy Stuff

If you are paying someone by the hour, or have to pay actual delivery costs, consider doing these chores yourself instead. This goes for pulling permits, cleaning up at the end of the day, or picking up hardwood flooring from the store. Even if you have to hire a van, you might save money over the course of the project.
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7. Paint Your Own Place

Most people can paint interior walls and cabinets, so it's a safe way to save some money. Only volunteer yourself however, if you know you can get it done, and won't hold up the process in any way.

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