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7 Grown-Up Things You Should Have In Your Home By Age 30

published Mar 17, 2015
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If you’re somewhere around the big 3-0, chances are you’ve been thinking a little about adulthood. Have you gotten around to addressing these seven things yet? What are you waiting for, you mature adult, you?

1. A good bed

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Tough love time: if you’re rockin a futon past 30, you should mosey into a bed store, stat. You deserve a nice, comfortable mattress and somewhere to set it that’s not the floor.

(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

2. Something/someone to take care of

Have you started to feel a longing to give something outside yourself some love too? You will. Maybe that thing is a pet, maybe it’s a plant or maaaybe you’re thinking about growing your own little human. Either way, taking care of something other than yourself can feel pretty great.

3. A supportive desk chair

That back isn’t gettin’ any younger, amiright? Do yourself a favor and get something you can sit in for long stretches that won’t leave you feeling like a hunchback.

(Image credit: Monique Larroux)

4. Some “forever” furniture or art

By now we hope you’ve found a piece of furniture you love and know you’re going to keep around long-term. It doesn’t have to be expensive; maybe it was even free (hand-me-downs can be extra amazing). It’s not about the item itself—this idea is more about finding and committing to your true taste.

5. Proper tools/cleaning stuff

You’re a responsible adult so you should be able to be responsible for your space, too. No more borrowing a hammer from the neighbors or mopping your floor with damp paper towel and your foot (we’ve all been there). The right tool for the right job is the grown-up way to go and (hint hint) it’s so much easier.

6. Cash

Welcome to adulthood where you might need to tip a delivery guy, pay a babysitter or bribe a child once in a while. The point is, adults have cash on hand for emergencies. You can’t get away with IOUs and cute smiles forever. Keeping a little extra money around will never be a bad idea.

7. Quality linens (plus extras)

You are old enough to sleep on (and dry yourself with) something soft, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a few extra sets around for guests (or when you’re slacking on laundry). You’re worth it!

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