7 Habits of Reasonably Green People

7 Habits of Reasonably Green People

Allison Verdoorn
Jul 5, 2011

Living a sustainable lifestyle isn't just about recycling, wearing organic cotton and eating a vegetarian diet. It's a whole point of view on life. It's not about making huge one time life changes like putting in a grey water system, it's about changing the way you see and think about the world. Simple Organic has developed a list of lifestyle characteristics that define many green people.

Read through and tell us what you think about their list!

Simple Organic's list of 7 habits that define the lifestyles of people who live green:

Be thrifty "How do the greenest among us afford all that fancy organic produce and those swanky tankless water heaters? Easy -they don't spend their money on much else! Nothing, absolutely nothing, will ever green you up faster than using less of whatever it is that you use -borrow, scale back, repair, reuse, repurpose, barter, find it used, or just skip it entirely. Get thrifty, seriously thrifty. Watch the money pile up and tread a little lighter on the earth at the same time."

Be patient "We tend to create emergencies in our lives which justify a quick fix or urgent purchase: the plastic snow shovel in a March squall, the parka during the downpour, the gas station coffee every other morning. Not only are some of these quick fixes overly expensive, but often they are shoddy, disposable products. The green tend to wait it out or to get by with what's on hand.

That being said, not all 'emergencies' are so frivolous. Many times frustration or a need for escape can push us into a panic over something a little more substantial. If you are thinking about a larger purchase or radical lifestyle change, give yourself time to consciously attempt living without it before you make your final decision. Cooler heads make for greener people."

Be confident "Face it, there are untold billions of dollars spent every year in order to convince each and every one of us to center our lives around consumption --and it is working. Being the one that has a problem with it all can be an isolating experience. Marketers have begun to play on our fears of alienation by stamping 'green' on the side of just about anything. Opt out, scrutinize, and ignore the claims of anything that has a price tag on it."

Check out the other 4 at Simple Organic. What do you think?

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