#7 - Jenna's Herbal Garden Green & Surfer Blue

#7 - Jenna's Herbal Garden Green & Surfer Blue

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 5, 2006

Name: Jenna
Location: Jackson Heights, Queens
Type: One-bedroom rental

Why I use color: It's a great way to take ownership of a rental and it adds a bit of zing to my art. I know there will be some serious repainting in my future when I move (which is a long way off) but it'll be worth it. I love waking up in my Herbal Garden Green room (which, actually, is a bit darker than it reads in the photo--see the Behr website for a true look-see at the color).

In the photo with the mirror, you can see the Surfer Blue hallway--and that leads to a dark chocolate brown room which leads to my perfect lipstick red office. It's fun to watch the looks on friends' faces when they come over the first time--I've been told that the colors just make the place instantly inviting. And that feels pretty good. (And no, I didn't pose the cat on the bed--he was there when I went into shoot. And you just don't move the Maynard.)

2 Good color tips:

1. Impulse purchases are great if you're buying a sweater but if you're going to put some time and money into painting your place, it doesn't hurt to put a little more time into your decision. Hang color chips on your wall, paint a small swatch, or do whatever you need to do to make sure you won't get sick of the color. But--even if you do live with it and end up hating it anyway, just paint it over.

2. Screw trends. Go with colors you enjoy.

2 good color resources:

1. That big wall of paint chips at Home Depot.

2. Go out for a walk (or a drive or a train ride or a flight) and see how different colors work together in nature. Bring the colors that catch your eye outside into your home.

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