7 Low Light Houseplants To Green Up The Home

7 Low Light Houseplants To Green Up The Home

Allison Verdoorn
Nov 14, 2011

As the days get shorter and the weather get colder I find myself longing for some greenery. It's often a struggle to find a plant that can be kept alive indoors with low light levels, but here are 7 that fit the bill.

A healthy indoor plant depends more on its initial selection rather than how much you water it and where you put it. By choosing the perfect plant from the start you're on the path for indoor gardening success. About.com suggests 7 plants well suited for low light conditions. Check out the first 3:

Lucky Bamboo "I talked to one grower recently who said he wanted to see what would happen in he grew a pot of lucky bamboo in his dark bedroom. Two years later, the plant was still thriving. So here it is: the world's best indoor shade plant..."

Spider Plants "These can be grown as hanging or trailing plants, in baskets or pots. Spider plants will survive for a long, long time in less-than-ideal light conditions, including even artificial light..."

Golden Pothos Vine "I'm still surprised by the conditions I see these plants thriving in. Dark. Dry. Just totally un-plantlike. If you're looking for a sure-thing in shady conditions, try a pot of Golden Pothos..."

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(Image: Feathering My Nest)

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