7 Places To Clean Before The Holidays Are Here

7 Places To Clean Before The Holidays Are Here

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 14, 2009

Although we've already mentioned one great cleaning tip when it comes to your holiday preparations, we wanted to mention a few more. As the holidays get closer and closer, things seem to pile up and no one wants to be scrubbing away when Santa comes down the chimney!

Here's 7 more places to clean this week to keep you on top of your game (and the dust bunnies). Even though they seem like small places, chances are while your tidying up on the list below a few other things will get clean in the process!

Baseboards and Trim: Even though it seems like a mild detail, with the winter winds upon us, a large amount of dust and debris can blow in and take resting on your baseboards. Give them a quick once over with a rag and you'll be all shiny and new.
Light Fixtures: Lampshades, bases, under the counter lighting, and pendants are all great places to touch with your magic cleaning wand. Try vacuuming shades and a damp towel on the rest to make sure they're looking their best.
Ceiling Fans: It's easy to forget about the unassuming workhorse of the summer months. Your ceiling fan does it's job and keeps to itself, but it's blades are a magnet for dust and once given a once over are clean enough to start back up if your space gets a little toasty once family starts to fill it up!
Vent Covers: With the heat turning on and off, bits of dust can collect up in the slats of your vent covers. Although no one will really notice them, keeping them clean in areas of dining and food prep can help keep stray floaties out of your food and drink.
Your Front Porch/Entryway: Many porches and entryways have been filled with leaves and other stray blow in bits and pieces. Give them a quick broom, change any lightbulbs that might have burnt out and make sure you have ice melt on hand in case things get slippery when guests arrive. It's also a good time to rinse clean your boot trays and tidy your coat winter accessory racks.
Drains: Try boiling a few kettles and arming yourself with a little extra baking soda and vinegar to clean your kitchen drains. Don't forget you can also use the same trick in your showers and floor drains in your basement. Run a vinegar rinse through your washing machine to keep it smelling fresh as well. Even if you won't be doing laundry for a few days, it's still nice to not have it smell overly musty.
Windows: Our windows are the most valuable asset to a beautiful home. Dirty windows can reduce light and even if you don't mind a fingerprint here or there, clean ones will really make your spaces lighter and brighter.

Is there one place you always seem to forget to clean before your house is packed to the gills with family and friends? Share where else our mop and broom should be hitting in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member blmurch licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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