7 Places To Lighten the Load And Donate Your Clutter

7 Places To Lighten the Load And Donate Your Clutter

Laure Joliet
Nov 30, 2009

Like many, this is the time of year that we do a lot of sorting: socks, photos, receipts and yes, storage. We spent a good amount of time sorting this weekend and lightened the load considerably. If you're in the same boat, jump below for where to take the stuff you're deciding not to keep:

1. Thrift Stores: for common household items, we normally do a drop off at the Goodwill, Salvation Army or Out of the Closet. As long as stuff is working and clothes aren't filthy they'll take a wide variety of stuff.
2. Toxic Stuff: for old fertilizers, batteries, paint and chemicals you need to dispose of them properly, so take them to a special sites that deal with exactly that and then see if you can avoid purchasing more toxins.
3. Towels: these are one of 10 items that Animal Shelters can use.
4. Electronics can be recycled at the same or you can check out these places.
5. 29 Day Challenge: If you have more than clutter there might be a way to gift it to others. We aren't encouraging gifts of clutter obviously, but maybe you have a backpack someone else might need or extra plants tha a friend would really enjoy.
6. Craigslist: you can post a free ad and then leave stuff outside (this has worked well for us, stuff is gone within hours). Or you can try your hand at making some cash and sell more valuable items. This doesn't get the stuff out of the house as quickly but the pocket change makes up for it.
7. Freecycle: this is a great place to find people in your neighborhood looking for a fridge or a sewing machine or a box of sweaters. It's a neighborhood bulletin board that posts items available and items for offer. Especially this time of year, it gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling to be able to help people out if we have something extra that other need.

Where do you donate your stuff?

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