7 Signs You're Turning Into A Hoarder

7 Signs You're Turning Into A Hoarder

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 15, 2009

The word hoarder just sounds dirty and wasteful. You immediately think of people who fill their cars to the roof with papers and phone books and those who have closets packed so full, you fear they'll expunge their contents if the door is opened. Click through to make sure you're not on the same slippery slope!

Over at Home Improvement weblog, Charles & Hudson, they've put together a great list of things to keep your eye on to make sure that your own tendencies to attract collections or clutter aren't being taken too far.
Here's 3 of our favorites from their list of 7 (all of which hold merit, so make sure to check out the full list!):

Keeping Clothes You Don't Wear - We've all got a favorite t-shirt or pair of shoes that we hold onto hoping to someday wear again. We've ditched it because it doesn't fit is uncomfortable or out of style. Donate these clothes to people who can use them right now!

Every Room Becomes Storage - If your storage closet or garage is so full that you need to keep the extra TV or refrigerator in the dining room, you may have a hoarding problem. When your storage overflows into the rest of the home and continues to grow - check yourself.

Storing Broken Electronics & Appliances - Someday you'll get around to fixing that printer, don't kid yourself, no you won't. Recycle or donate used electronic items that you no longer use. With every month that passes it becomes more obsolete for the next person.

The key to being a person who is clutter free is making use of the time that they have now. Not a few months from now or even a few seasons down the road. Fixing, repairing, creating or using now, creates necessity for items and shows which things you use in your home and which things are taking up space.

If you're looking to thin down your collections or possessions, try asking yourself when the last time you used the item was? 6 months? A year? 5 years? Start with 1 year, if you haven't used it, donate it! Next time you feel the need to purge, take that time line down to 6 months and you'll be amazed at how quickly your life becomes clutter free!

(via: Charles & Hudson)

(Image: Flickr member perfecto insecto licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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