7 Small Bathroom Appliances That Make Us Say WTF?

7 Small Bathroom Appliances That Make Us Say WTF?

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 1, 2010

If anyone can appreciate a great use of technology in an unusual place, it would be us. We love seeing creative ways to make our lives easier and more entertaining through the advancements of technology, but there's a few appliances that we have to stop and say.... wtf?

Though the phrase "WTF" may seem a little harsh, after all, we are just talking about bathroom do-dads, but for some of the products listed below, we think you'll agree that there just aren't words for a few of them.

Solafeet Foot Tanner: If you weren't using this contraption at work, we'd assume it would make a nice counterpart to your daily bathroom routine (plus you can still play Ball Breaker on your Crackberry while doing your business). Though, by "nice counterpart", we really mean — wouldn't a pair of sandals and an afternoon outside be cheaper than the $229 price tag?

X5 Hair Laser: You can't help but say the name of this hair-growth product in a booming "movie" voice. X5 Hair Laser! The product claims that rubbing this little glowing puck on your noggin will stimulate hair growth and have you back to a full head of hair in no time. At a $299 price point and a long list of unsatisfied customers, we're actually rather surprised it's still in production — though Skymall can sell anything!

Baby Quasar Blue Light Therapy: This hand-held light beaming wand kills bacteria. That's all. It helps control mild acne (though we hear face washing works well for that too) and at the price point of $449, we're pretty sure it's at the top of our list of crazy things you probably don't need!

Baby Quasar Red Light Therapy: Who knew changing the color of light could take this metal wand from acne fighter to fine line banisher. It has the same price point as it's blue brother and neither one looks like it's a purchase for the average income.

E-Pad Hair Removal System: No, you're not seeing things, that's a small electronic-pulse emitting device, coupled with burning hair removal creme. Between the two, that pretty much sums up our idea of personal grooming hell. What's so wrong with a razor? Though if it sounds like a good idea, it can be yours for the small price of $99.95.

Personal Infrared Sauna: Ok, so it's not really something that sits on your counter and plugs in and would probably have to sit in your garage instead (sexy), but this has to be the craziest get up ever. We're pretty sure taking cooler showers would result in not only saving water, but not having to spend your money on this hot box! Though if you've been dying to own one, it can be yours for $499 (which seems to be the magical crazy number for ridiculous electronic items).

Panasonic® ESLA93K Nanotech Shaver: Now we're usually the first to say that sometimes a higher price is worth it for an out of sight product. Something that hides itself away from view or keeps trim lines that don't interfere with the aesthetics of our home. This razor comes in at $399 and has more adjectives describing all of it's high end features than it has new bells and whistles that demand the higher price. Though we haven't tested this giant of a cordless razor, we'll stick with something a little more economical, thank you very much.

Have you seem something ridiculous in your retail travels? Make sure to share a link in the comments below!

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