7 Space-Maximizing Tips for the Organizationally Adventurous

7 Space-Maximizing Tips for the Organizationally Adventurous

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 5, 2015

Are you ready to be your boldest, baddest organizing self to reclaim as much space as possible in your small home? Don't shy away from these effective space-maximizing ideas, even if they are a bit adventurous to implement.

1. Put baskets up high (really high)

Above the kitchen cabinets. On top of your bookshelf. On a shelf you place above your bathroom door. Sure, this is pretty high-up storage that may require a step stool to get to, but it's using space that would otherwise be wasted. How to make this less adventurous? Don't put anything too heavy in them, and paint the baskets a similar or same color as your wall paint to make them disappear and feel lighter.

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2. Use up valuable interior door real estate

From hooks to door-sized hanging pockets, you could be using your closet doors, your kitchen cabinet doors, your bathroom cabinet doors — just about any door on your home can be recruited as extra storage space for the home. It's a bit adventurous, though, because you have to stay on top of any storage you implement — it's hidden when the door is closed, but open, it can look like a jungle quick.

3. Forego big appliances for more space

If you happen to be choosing between two apartments to pick from, one having all the conveniences of a modern home like a dishwasher and other bulky appliances, and one without (but featuring more cabinet space), consider opting for the life of washing dishes by hand. This isn't the right kind of adventure for every person or household, but if you find yourself in dire need of more functional storage space for stuff you actually need, you might consider it if there is any room you can reclaim by getting rid of a large appliance (or heck, even small appliance, like do you ever even use that panini maker?) you don't use very often or can live without. (Hey — we said this was a list for the adventurous!)

4. Go vertical

Simply put, if you're not using all the feet you've got between your floor and ceiling, you're missing out on some serious storage space. Shelves are an obvious choice when it comes to carving out storage space in higher elevations of the home, but but don't be afraid to get a little wild and maybe incorporate something like hanging storage from the ceiling (though please be wary of ceiling materials, hanging tools and not ripping your ceiling down in the process).

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5. Reclaim the space under shelves

You know what's adventurous? Turning convention on its side and not just using the tops of your shelves for storage, but the undersides, too! There are lots of ways to use this space wisely; find a way that works with your home's existing shelving.

6. Look for all furniture-as-storage opportunities

Can you add a shelf to your coffee table or stick storage cubes under it? Do you have stools that are rudely not offering any storage? What about the foot of your bed — could you stick a storage bench there? Could you replace side tables with small trunks or pieces of luggage to store things in? Get flexible by opening your mind to the different types of furniture that can stylishly hide your stuff and see how you can incorporate them into your current home.

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7. Display as storage

Some of the sneakiest kind of storage is the kind that's hidden in plain sight! We're talking about using collections and display as a way of finding spots for your stuff. By stylishly displaying say, your hats or your boots or your collection of vinyl, you then don't have to find any hidden place for them to live. And though it might be a bit adventurous to show off elements that are normally not used as decoration, do it right, and it'll add to your style (and save your storage space for something else!).

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