7 Things to Do Around the House in Fall (That Might Get You Weird Looks Any Other Time of Year)

7 Things to Do Around the House in Fall (That Might Get You Weird Looks Any Other Time of Year)

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 13, 2015

All the other seasons are alright, but for fall lovers, no other season comes close to the awesome outfits, the crisp bite to the breeze and the holidays the fall season offers. If you love fall as much as we do, check out this list of things around the house you're about to be able to do freely (without getting weird looks from your neighbors).

1. Pumpkin spice everything

Forget only indulging in the fall-inducing flavors and scents of pumpkin spice in your coffee. Get your whole home on board with pumpkin spice scented candles, air fresheners and more. It's somewhat charming in moderation in the fall; kind of gag-inducing in say, the spring or summer.

2. Go overboard with gourds

Yes, some gourds are available year round, but fall is when the stores really start stocking all manner of type, color and shape. These gourds make for excellent centerpieces on a dining table, coffee table, fireplace mantel or just sprinkled liberally around your home on various surfaces. Done in the fall, and you're showing off an appropriate level of seasonal spirit-ness. Kept up all year long, and you might get the unflattering nickname of "Gourd Lady" or "Gourd Guy."

3. Ignore any fall-colored leaves that might make it in from outdoors

Oh no! Did some leaves kick in with your feet or the breeze the last time you opened your front door? If it's fall season and they're fall colored, you're just extending your fall season decorating excitement to your entryway's floor! Also feel free to pick up any leaves to add to your sprinkled vignettes of gourds.

4. Ignore spider webs

You're not being lazy with your cleaning if you let the local interior or exterior spider keep his finely crafted spider web up for awhile. You're decorating for Halloween authentically.

5. Indulge your spooky/scary/gothic/creepy side

Secretly into skulls? Have always loved the crumbling aesthetic of gravestones? Think bats are the cutest darn thing ever? This time of year, it's totally okay to let your creepy stuff flag fly free; it'll blend in beautifully with everyone else's Halloween decor.

6. Let large, carved fruit decorate the interior and exterior of your home

Fruit carving skills aren't exactly applauded most times of the year. You don't get much credit or viral digital attention from carving your kids' lunch fruit into funny shapes. But be able to wield some serious knife skills when it comes to pumpkins, and then display those skills around your home for a time, and you get the admiration of other fall and Halloween loving folks.

7. Not get in trouble for trying to scare the neighborhood kids

Most times of the year, scaring your neighbor's children is frowned upon. But once the temperatures drop and you get closer to Halloween, it's okay to create some scary decor that might spook a kiddo (though maybe gauge the neighborhood vibe before decorating if you're new to town?).

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