The No-Regrets Checklist: 7 Things to Do in Every Home Before You Move On

The No-Regrets Checklist: 7 Things to Do in Every Home Before You Move On

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 16, 2015

Some homes we live in for years and years. Others, only until our often short leases end. Doesn't it feel like our stay in the homes we aren't too crazy about stretch on seemingly forever, while our time in homes we love is over far too early? No matter how you feel about your home right now, make sure that, before you move out for good, you complete all the items on this checklist — you'll be happy you did!

1. Throw a party

Dinner party. Tea party. Board game night. Small gathering. Housewarming party. Cocktail party. Or heck, just invite the neighbors in one day. Don't leave a home (any home, even if it's not your favorite/perfect/dream home) without sharing it with someone. → No More Entertaining Excuses! Answers to the Biggest Entertaining Roadblocks.

2. Photograph/document it

If I could go back and talk to my younger self, I'd tell her to PHOTOGRAPH all the apartments and homes I've lived in. In the revolving door of spaces I've paid the bills on, there have been some real charmers. Places that only live in my memory now. Though of course I took photographs in the spaces, I didn't take photographs OF the spaces — and I regret not having this part of my history documented, if only to see the evolution of my own tastes and styles. → How To Take Pictures of Your Home.

3. Make a huge mess

Doing something fun! Make a mess making a gift for someone's birthday. Or building a fort with your kids. Let loose. Don't move out of a home without taking that kitchen for a test drive! Pick out a recipe that is a bit of a challenge for your culinary skills and then have fun mastering it while you make magic in your kitchen, whatever the size. While keeping a perfectly clean and tidy home 24/7 is commendable, you might regret being quite so strict when the time comes to leave.

4. Spend an entire weekend doing absolutely nothing

Though we often encourage you to seek adventure outside the confines of your home (and computer screen), before you leave your current home, you should indulge in an absolutely lazy weekend at least once. One where you sleep in as long as you want, lounge around in whatever you want to wear and enjoy just existing in your home.

5. Dance like no one's looking

Clothing entirely optional → Watch This Woman Dance Naked in Her Living Room

6. Try some bold, weird decor thing you're not entirely sure will work out

At least once before you leave your current home, try something a little weird. Some bold paint color you'd never pick before. Some furniture piece that doesn't match anything else. Some DIY art piece you made yourself you're not entirely sure is good or bad. → 4 Weird Things You Should Try in Your Decor at Least Once.

7. Do things in it you couldn't do in other homes you've lived in

Have a big backyard in this home that you've never had before? Don't let it go to waste even if you're busy! Throw a backyard barbecue, grow a container garden or go camping one night. Think about what your home has now that you've never had before — and make the most of it! You never know if your next home will have the same advantages and you don't want to let these current ones go to waste while you have them!

What would you add to this list?!

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