7 "Big House" Things You Can Totally Still Have in Your Small Studio

7 "Big House" Things You Can Totally Still Have in Your Small Studio

Adrienne Breaux
Feb 19, 2015

Though small space living can mean certain sacrifices, living in a studio doesn't have to mean getting rid of everything you love. There are still ways you can marry studio living with some of the elements usually associated with larger homes. Need proof? We've got seven stylish studios.

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When all your rooms are housed in the same room, the idea of a private place to sleep — or really privacy at all — can seem far-fetched. But using hanging textiles as dividers is not only easy and affordable, it's a way to create smaller, tucked away spaces when you need it.

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Chunky furniture

There's a myth that you can only fit tiny furniture into a studio. Although smaller sized furniture can certainly help a small space seem a little larger, you can have substantial furniture in a studio if that's your style. Just make everything in the space fit proportionately with everything else.

Exercise equipment

Get smart with your exercise equipment to fit more in! Like adjustable dumbbells, yoga mats that roll up easily and even exercise balls if you have a place behind a piece of furniture you can tuck it.

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A work space

You don't have to have your work space on display 24/7 if you'd rather tuck it away at the end of the day. Find yourself a small closet, or better yet, an otherwise hard-to-work-with nook and use things like cabinets with drop downs or wall-mounted shelves for a desk to create a work space that's separate from your living space.

Dinner parties

Who says you have to have a couch and a bed in your studio space? If you'd rather host big dinner parties then spread out on a sofa, fill the space where your bed doesn't live in with a big dining table and lots of chairs.

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Pet stuff-free spaces

You might think that living in a studio might mean living in view of your pet's stuff — like a litter box — but that's not true! In this cute studio above, a special spot, hidden away and discreet, for the litter box was built into a furniture piece.

A functional entryway

Everyone knows how handy some hooks and a place to hang your coat and keys can be in a home, but even if you don't have an actual entryway (or even room right by your door) you can claim a bit of space for this important area of a home just about anywhere you've got a free spot of wall.

What's something unusual or surprising you've fit into a studio?

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